Couture, But Only If It’s Haute

Haute. Couture. The literal translation of this French phrase means “high sewing”. Haute Couture is a phrase that is often used interchangeable with the word ‘fashion’. A lot of people think that just because it looks nice. it’s trendy, and it is made from a well-known designer that it is considered couture. However, that is … Continue reading Couture, But Only If It’s Haute

5 Tips to Become a Better Artist

Welcome back to FAD. Today we are going over 5 tips on how you can work to become a better artist. I have been drawing since I was the age of two, and as I got older and a better artist, I realized i was following these tips without even noticing it. So, below are … Continue reading 5 Tips to Become a Better Artist


College was always thought to be the right and necessary thing to do after you graduated high school. Having a degree would have almost always guarantee you a job. However, in today's society, that is no longer the case. states "The fact is that approximately 53% of college graduates are unemployed or working in … Continue reading YOU DON’T NEED TO GO TO COLLEGE

In-Depth: Banksy

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today we are going to start a new segment in our art portion called "in-depth". This segment will dive deep into the knowledge of specific topics, people, works of art, and movements. What better way to start of this segment, than with the iconic Banksy. Before writing … Continue reading In-Depth: Banksy