Gelly Apparel


This t-shirt was made using bleach and shibori folding methods. The Gelly logo was designed to give it rock/edge effect.


While this shirt looks like a white shirt tie dyed with pink dye, it is actually a pink shirt that was bleached. It features the Gelly logo and the year 2020 in dripping red font.


This shirt, while made similar to “Firestorm”, is different because instead of a red undertone it is more brown and neutral. Who can gues what CnC stands for?

The Upside

This black sweatshirt features the mission of Gelly LLC. It is upside down….just because.


This Denim skirt is one of a kind. It was hand painted with acrylic and fabric medium. It features a tie dye spiral and drip effect on the front two pockets.


This shirt is the first gelly shirt made. It was made with a black shirt, bleach and the sun.


This tan sweatshirt features the embroidered letters DBJWG in a deep green color. This stands for Don’t Be Jelly, Wear Gelly.

Toxic Shock

The toxic shock t-shirt features an image of girl, the toxic symbol and Gelly.